Package a directory to a file, with fast file access and compression support

import fast_package_file

# Package a directory into a file'a_directory', 'a_package.file')

# Prepare a package file
data_package = fast_package_file.PackagedDataFile('a_package.file')

# Load a file from the packed directory and save it
with open('any.file', 'wb') as any_file:

# Or just get the raw binary data
from PIL import Image
i ='image.png')))

# Some other useful functions
data_package.load_bulk(prefix='audio\\sfx\\', postfix='.wav')
fast_package_file.oneshot('a_package.file', 'path\\to\\any.file')
fast_package_file.oneshot_bulk('a_package.file', prefix='audio\\sfx\\', postfix='.wav')


From PyPI:

pip install fast-package-file

Or from Github:

pip install git+git://


  • Is fast because only the data needed is loaded from the package file, total package size is irrelevant
  • Obfuscates files from (most) users
  • Like a .zip file, but doesn’t decompress the entire thing when reading just one file
  • Includes the entire directory and subdirectories, not just surface-level files
  • Files are compressed with Gzip, but only if compression improves file size (per file) and is enabled (per package file)
  • Pretty good error handling when loading package files, just catch fast_package_file.PackageDataError
  • A simple, open-source and documented file format that can easily be parsed and read in other languages
  • Inspired by video game packaging, such as UE4’s .pak or GTA V’s .rpf formats
  • Cross-platform, has CI for Linux, MacOS, and Windows


The project is licensed under the MIT license.